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Monday, November 19

Random Monday

Meredith has a pacifier.

And she likes it!
Should I ? or shouldn't I ?
But she is SO cute with it, right?
Yes!  She mostly only takes it when she is done
eating but needs something to do with that darn
sucking reflex. She can't figure out how
to get her hands in her mouth with any consistency.
She has only used her paci for falling asleep a few times.
It comes in handy at 2am.
Maddox was my only one that had a pacifier and since
she looks JUST like him, she may have one too!
That's some good reasoning.

I took these pictures of Emma before church.

She will be 8 soon!
She is a  sweet, very smart, kind and creative girl.
And I love her to pieces.

Daddy and Meredith.
Looks like they are having a starring contest.
hee hee.

Tanner does this puzzle every.single. day.
He's a little OCD about how we do things.
He always has to start with the same piece
(the one with the eyes) and we have to 'pat' down
every piece to make it stay put.

We went to the Rockette's Christmas Show!
It was fun. I took all four of my kids by myself.
My friend Terrye was there to help me.
She fed baby while I took the big kids to the bathroom.
The boys drive me nuts in parking lots.
Oh, my nerves.
How do you keep your all together?
I bribed Tanner with candy on the way out.

We loved the show. As always.
Baby slept most of the time.

She's a good girl.
They added a new 3D part to the show and the
kids loved the glasses. I felt so bad for Tanner because
he had his glasses on backwards thru the whole thing
so he missed it. Poor guy.

Since being Mario and Luigi for Halloween the
boys have been wearing lots of mustaches.
Here's one Maddox did on himself.

With my brown eyeliner.

Meredith loves her toy.
She lays under it after she is fed, changed and happy.

Isn't that cute?
Isn't everything she does so cute?

She's tracking with her eyes really well.
And Friday, she started to swipe at one!


It's endless entertainment around here!
Emma tried out for the singing solo part in the
school Christmas play!! What?! I couldn't believe it
when she told me that she stood up in front of her class
and sang along to her music teacher's piano to try out.
Her dad and I were SO very proud of her!
Just for trying out!
She wants things like that but would never go for them.
She didnt' get the part but she did get a speaking
part! She is snowflake #32 and she has a great
one liner!

Our dress up box is forever spilled all over the floor.
Tanner slept on the top bunk.
So Mark put all the couch cushions on the floor for protection.

Just in case.
He didn't need them.
The Sunday after Halloween, I bagged up 90% of the kid's
candy and made them give it to the college kids at church.
I actually didn't have to 'make' them. They were more
than willing to hand it over. I was a little shocked that
they didn't protest at all. 
Emma got Principal's List! Yay Emma!
She's a smart girl.
AND she is Bobcat of the Month!
She brought home this lovely super sticky
never coming off your car bumper sticker!
She was Bobcat of the Month once back in Kindergarten
and she said, "you didn't keep my last sticker"
I said, "oh, we will always know in our hearts that
 you were Bobcat of the Month." haha. lame.
She laughed.
The sticker is still laying in the kitchen.
(thank goodness)

That was random.
Happy Birthday to our precious baby Meredith today!
She is ONE month old.
She is off for a checkup today!
We put up all the outside Christmas decorations this weekend!
I painted Meredith's toenails! Baby Pink.
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