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Wednesday, December 26

Christmas Fun

We made our gingerbread house.
The kids always love this so much.
I totally didn't stress about the mess, the look,
the placement of candies this year.
Everything went much better.
I like to pour sugar or powdered sugar over the top
of the house when its finished to make it
look more wintery. And we always put those round
candy melts on the roof. They really cover well, you pick
whatever color you want, and they look so pretty.

They always want to sleep in the
bonus room on the pull out couch on any
school break. We popped in a movie, dad
made some peanut butter cookies and even Meredith
got in on the sleepover action!

We tried out a new Christmas light show this year.
It was fun. (ish) It was amazing how the
lights were perfectly timed to Christmas music!
It was much more expensive than where we usually go and
no drive thru barn with Santa at the end. Boo.

Honestly, I had a headache from being too tired
and not getting enough sleep then we are all
in the van together and the kids are climbing all over
the seats while MerBear is trying to sleep and ALL
the lights were flashing ALL the time.
At one point I just closed my eyes and laid my head over.
It was fun for the kids for this one year, but
next year we will stick to our old place.

Christmas with nana.
We gave her her presents early.
She loved them.
The kids loved giving.
I love that picture of mom and Tanner hugging.
love it.
My mom has helped me SO much.
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her!

While mom was here, we went to
Opryland Hotel. Met up with some friends,
walked around, and saw the Shrek Show.
So much fun.
It was meredith's first time in the snuggie and
she loved it.

Emma's pictures.
With MY camera.
That I didn't know she had!
That will not be a problem anymore.
She got her OWN camera for Christmas!

Merry Christmas my bloggy friends!
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