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Thursday, January 3


Age 7 .
My beautiful sweet girl.
Trying to make us laugh.
Talking and talking and talking.
Loves to watch t.v.
Can be very lazy.
A snuggie, pajamas, snacks and the remote
makes for a perfect morning according to her.
She is SO very smart.
Loves to read before bed each night.
Giggly when tired.
Gorgeous freckles and curls.
Likes to play waitress at dinner time.
Enjoys going to church.
Is learning piano.
Likes music, dancing, and singing.
Wants to be a pop star.
She plays Barbies alot.
Loves to wear anything sparkly!
Crafty and Creative.
Loves art, going to restaurants, theatre and bowling.

Here's a little interview I did with her:
My mom is always: nice.
My dad has: glasses.
I like my brothers because: they are nice.
My little sister is : Meredith.
I wish I could go to : Hawaii.
My favorite food is: Strawberries.
When I am a teenager I will: babysit.
My first job will be: a nanny.
I want to learn how to: decorate a cake.

Emma will be 8 very soon!

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