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Thursday, January 24

fun times, fun times

Oh, Emma.
She is such a funny little girl.
Always making me laugh.
Adding things to my grocery lists.
Bringing home cute papers from school.
Writing funny stories in her journals.
Her reading group is studying about the
Oil Spill in the Gulf. This paper was in her folder...
( she still mixes up her b's and d's some)
Her and her friend, Rylee, make up these 'to -do'
lists when they have playdates or sleepovers.

Tanner is potty training.
He's does well for a few days and then
not so good.  Oh well. He'll get it eventually.
I'm not pushing it. Though it would be nice
to only have one in diapers and by one I mean
the one with LITTLE diapers that hold only LITTLE messes.
Tanner can pretty much be bribed to do anything with chocolate
or Popsicles. So I always use that. We actually did venture out
to the store without a diaper on him the other day.
Mostly on accident.
I forgot he wasn't wearing one.
He did fine.
I was scared.
I love looking down at this sweet wrapped up little
bundle of hugs! She has not been sleeping through the night!
She really likes our bed.
This is nap time.
But at night, when I'm tired (every night) and she
is up and so cute and really just wants to talk and play,
I do it. I put her in the bed with us!
We have NEVER allowed our kids in our bed.
They never wanted to be in our bed.
She does.
She has really only slept all night about 3 times.
We lay her down for bed about 8:30-9:30 and she sleeps
until 3 am. She just can't push through that extra 3 hours.
Unless she's in our bed! Little stinker!
And NOW she is awake so that's it for today!

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