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Tuesday, January 1

Happy 2013

Happy New Year!
The years just keep rolling by, don't they?
I think back to when I was just a little girl playing in my mawma's front
yard, barefeet, climbing trees, and running to the creek with my brother.
I thought for sure that would never end. I would be a kid forever.
Adults seemed so old. But that time passed and now I can't believe that was
30 some years ago. 30 years!  I wonder if my children feel the same things?
I remember Jane Fonda saying in on Oprah interview that our lives have 3 acts.
Act 1 is birth to 30 years.
Act 2 is age 30 - 60 years.
Act 3, the final act, is age 60 -90 years.
I kinda like the thought of that.
It would have been nice to know that you were in an act that was going to end, before you realized it was over, huh?  You could have made the most of it. Reminds me of the book, "One Thousand Gifts"
(my hair lady says there is a devotional to that book, by the way. I gotta get that one). The book is a constant reminder that you are only really present and living when in every moment (hard or not) you are thankful. Thankful for it all. The hard and the easy. The good and the bad. 
Stop going so fast that you miss it. Because it will pass you by before you know it.
God has given us a hope and a future.
I have said to Mark on several occasions,
"the kids keep getting older, but we don't."
Or so it seems. sometimes. I feel the same age as I did
when we first got married, 12 years ago.
Unfortenately the pencil marks on the laundry room wall growth
charts are a constant reminder that my precious children are fleeting.
They will be babies no more. They will grow and change and hopefully
learn a good lesson or two from me and their dad. (and us from them!)
Time marches on. 
 ( I always think of Steel Magnolias, my favorite movie,  when someone says that)
I am ready for a new year.
I am ready for a better year even though 2012 was good.
I started my own little business in January of 2012,
 I was given a new precious soul to care for and nurture in October,
went on a relaxing, and fun beach vacation with my family in March unknowing to us that I was carrying a precious baby girl,  sent my baby off to kindergarden in August,
watched as my little one learned to swim in the summer,
sat for long hours in beach chairs at the lake with my friends while kiddos played nearby and my ever expanding belly stretched my bathing suit to the max,

listened as my daughter got better and better at piano,

 prayed along side my dearest friend as she faced many struggles during the year,
wished my niece a happy 12th birthday on 12-12-12, and lastly watched my dear Pastor and friend pack up and move away in December.
I am ready to better myself and my family.
More prayer time. Real prayer. Like Pastor Pelton was talking about on Sunday.
More devotionals with my kids.
Better quality time with my husband.
Fitness goals.
Now that I know for sure am done birthing children I have a desire to be 'who I used to be'. You know in the months immediatly following birth you think, "I will never be my old self again", "never be able to wear those jeans again." "never get my energy back".... ?
You did think these things, yes?         Okay, good. 
Everyone sets fitness goals.
Thats great.
I have some of my own in mind.
But I am hesitant to write down specifics.
I would rather just say, make excerise a priority this year.
I think I will write down my personal times to workout on the calender.
Just write them down as part of the schedule of things we have to do that day.
And really do them!
I look forward to warmer weather, when it will be easier to get out and
ride my bike with the kids, go to the pool and just run and play all day in the yard.
That's the kind of excerise that I like and enjoy.
Oh, goodness I have rambled.
More goals and thoughts of mine:
Read more.
Relax more.
Me time more.
Catch up on scrapbooking. (this may require an all weekend stay away from home)
Save money from my business to achieve one mini goal at a time. Including:
blinds for the bonus room upstairs.
new front door.
backsplash in the kitchen.
crown molding in some rooms.
new vanity for the powder room.
I like the idea of saving 'my' money (we don't have seperate money, but you know what I mean) to do some things around the house that I want done. Little things
And thats about it for me.
Do you set goals?
Do you write them down?
I read  on someone's blog that they set down with their family (brothers, sister in laws, parents) and talk together about their dreams and goals for the next 12 months. I like that idea. Hold each other lovingly accoutable.
Happy New Year my friends!
It's 12 new months of adventures and growing.
Enjoy 2013 come what may!
Be blessed!

"Behold the former things have come to pass, new things I now declare.

Before they spring forth, I tell you of them." Isaiah 42:9

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amanda persinger said...

Are you trying to get me to read more??? I almost finished all of it! jk!! ; )
Well said my friend .... you just need "spend more time with me" on your list!!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."