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Sunday, January 20

Random Monday

Yo yo yo!
Maddox got Bobcat of the Month!
Goooo Maddox!
Remember the story of Emma asking me where
her bumper sticker went? hahaha Maddox took care
of that problem for me. He had this stuck on his shirt
when he hopped off the bus!

And this is just funny.
Maddox wanted the camera to see the picture
that I just took of him and then he couldn't resist taking
one of all of us. funny.

Tanner is LOVE with his bubba.
When he was doing this I said,
"Tanner, be careful. Don't hurt his neck."
Tanner said, "Bubba has a strong neck!"

Emma is a reading machine.
She is making her way through all the
Diary of  Wimpy Kid books.

Not sure I approve of everything in there.
It's like a 5th grade level or something.
Some of it's pretty funny.

I made 50 beach ball cookies.
I have learned how to use 20 second icing.
BIG time saver!

I love this face!
My sweet girl is growing up.
She drew this for me.

Meredith can play in her exosaucer now!
She loves it.

I still prop her up with blankets.

Isn't that so cute?!

This paper was in Emma's folder last week.

Doing my chores??
No. really.
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