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Monday, January 7

random stuff

We were trying to take down and store the Christmas trees,
but the kids were loving playing in the storage boxes!
Seriously, loving it.
They played in them for over an hour.
Drove me batty.

And of course, I took pictures.

Tanner even laid under his.

Then they begged Mark to push them around the house.

I think this picture is so cute.

She was talking to me.
She is super smiley lately and talkative.
Sweetest cooos you ever heard.
Makes all your worries melt away.

The kids love talking to her almost as much as she
loves to listen to them! She is seriously in love with all her siblings.

Tanner loves lego.
nuff said.
He builds everyday.

Maddox wanted to pretend he was Wreck it Ralph
and he was going to smash his castle.

Sometimes he does.
stinky big brother.

They love each other.

Raise your hand if you have a question.....

MerBear has a question!
We have always said that to all of our babies when
they raise their little arms.
She was smiling at daddy.
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