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Wednesday, January 30

Random Wednesday

Saturday morning basketball.
I love it!
Well, I love it if it's not at 8am.
Maddox is improving and really learning the game.
This game was at 9am.
Tanner woke up at 8:30am!
He went straight from the bed to the van.
Once the game started, he started whinning about this and that.
Then it dawned on me.
Poor kid hasn't even had a drink or anything to eat!
So he ate popcorn for breakfast.
Emma is polite enough to never let anyone eat alone.
Meredith Ann can sit in her bumbo seat!
I think she likes it.
Makes her feel like a big girl.
I said to Tanner, "Look what Mer can do now!"
He kept lifting up her leg trying to look under her
to see her 'go potty'. Ha!
I told him it's not a potty seat just a chair.
He didn't believe me.

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