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Tuesday, February 26

normal stuff

Tanner rides his bike in the house.
He calls it his beep-beep.

He mostly wants it to be a race.
And if it's a race you (I) have to say
Racers start your engines,
On your mark,
get set,
(insert pretending to blow a loud starting horn)

He goes fast.
He always wins.

See that ugly table and bright pink chair
behind him?? It is SO the first thing I am
dragging out to the yard to spray paint as
soon as the weather holds up for a few days!

Spray paint season is just around the corner!
I mean, Spring.

This sweet girl fell right to sleep on the couch
beside me the other night.
I love cuddling with her.
(unless it's 4am and she is kicking me in the shoulder)

This I want to remember.
Babies don't keep.
Too bad.
Hey, Hey!! It's back!
Amanda and I have Craft Camp ready to go!! 

You can come too!
Here's the FB page where you can sign up,keep up to date and view the crafts we will make!
(it's those up there, but you know what I mean)
It's going to be a fun day!
We are so excited about this thing we have created together!
Hope you can come.

Rainy walk from the bus stop.

Gotta go wake up Mer to feed her and
my sweet Tanner just came to the top of the steps
with his blanket on his head to say what he says
"Good morning Mom"

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