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Monday, February 4

Random Monday

It snowed last week.
School was not cancelled here.
I was glad.
The kids were not.
But then we woke up to snow again on Saturday
morning! I was surprised. We should watch the
weather more. So we took that snow 'day' to skip
Maddox's ballgame just this one time.
We had to have a day to get some things finished.
Mark ran lots of errands.
I completely cleaned out my pantry.
It looks SO good now.
Plus I cleaned most of the kitchen
cabinets and drawers. Ahhh. Much better.
I love that kind of stuff.
I started organizing on Thursday night.
Home alone with all four kids.
Cooking dinner. Well, trying.
And MerBear was awake!
I must be crazy at times.
I burnt the biscuits and Mark text to
say he was running late.
I yelled to the kids to get their coats and
get in the van! We went out for dinner.

I made fondant cutout stars for a cupcake order.

I am reading this.
Recommended and borrowed from my hair lady.

Meredith is doing big girl stuff.
Holding onto toys.
And trying her hardest to roll over!

She has been sleeping all night!
She's even been making it past that
3am-I need my paci fast or I will be awake and
possibly hungry or need to sleep in your bed- phase.
yay! She sleeps from about 8:30 - 6am.
And that.is.good.

I took these pictures of the kids in the play room.

Maddox loves talking to Meredith.
And she loves it too.

I hear him talking to her about all sorts of things.
bey blade battles.
creature power.

Today I am trying to gets some layouts done.

How was your weekend?
Whatcha' doing today?
It's cold outside, so we may stay in all day.
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