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Tuesday, February 12

winter time energy

Kids have lots of energy.
And they have to get it out.
Or they will drive you mad.
Yesterday we had a nice warmer afternoon,
so I sent them out to play.
(and stay for a long time!)
Kids will find something to do.
We have bikes, scooters, baseball,
basketball. But the boys decided they would
rather push each other in the stroller.
Just play.
I made Tanner put on a helmet.
They were going super fast down the driveway and then Maddox
would let go of the stroller and try to catch up with it.
Oh my nerves.
I try not to fret about things like that too much.
Obviously if the are doing something dangerous I would
stop them, but I don't follow them around saying,
"stop that"
"be careful"
"not too fast"
Kids just want to play, you know?
Yes. They will get hurt.
They will be okay.
They went pretty far down the cul-de-sac.
I'm sure the neighbors thought we looked like
a bunch of rednecks. Guess what?
I don't care.
We probably did.
But my kids had fun.
Didn't get hurt.
Didn't hurt anyone else
and got out lots of energy!
Emma was the cheerleader.
She used a paint stick.
Don't ask.
That girl can find the oddest thing to
occupy her.
She always grabs a broom or anything else
that is NOT a toy. I don't get it.
But she has fun pretending.
She did get some jump rope time in.
She only can jump backwards!
Can NOT for the life of her figure out how to
jump forward!? She's pretty good at backwards! ha!
MerBear was with us.
She sat in her stroller.
Emma pushed her around a little.
She likes being outside.
I love when we can play outside.
I look forward to warmer, longer days.
Yesterday, the boys stayed out until after 5pm.
I had to call them in for dinner!


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