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Monday, April 8

Opryland Hotel

We love it here.
Although we have never stayed at Opryland Hotel,
we love to go visit. It really is a nice relaxing walk.
Even with all the kids.
They love it too. We just walk around, ride the boat,
eat lunch there, spend a million dollars and leave!
It's all very fun.
We went on Easter weekend.
Maddox had his class pet, Coco, for the weekend
so he went too!

Emma took a picture of us.
I like looking at (and taking mental notes) of
all the beautiful flowers growing inside.

Hydrangeas, how I love thee!

Someone was getting married.
Emma was thrilled!
She watched for a long time.

He always puts his hand in the water.
He can't control his little boyish ways.
Boys just have to do these things.
I am trying to understand it all.
But am a girl AND a grown up.
So I don't really get it.

They love the boat ride.

We had fun.

Have you been?  lately?

You should go.
You can park at Opry Mills mall and it's
just a very short walk over that way you don't have
to pay for parking!
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