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Thursday, April 18


Meredith Ann loves to eat!
You can't tell by looking at her.
She is still only (I'm guessing) about 15lbs.
But she's got some chunky legs!
I love it.
She loves to look out the back door.
She will watch the trees blowing around for a long time.

Look at that precious little foot propped up!

Emma was very involved in her book.
She is a reading fanatic.

Tanner and his blankie.
Faithful friends.
I am surprised that thing hasn't fallen to pieces yet as
much as he drags it everywhere.

Mer thinks she is a big girl.
I call her Rocky Top, because she is already
getting up on all fours and rocking!
No No. I pick her up. She's too little for all that.

She is so precious.
I just absolutely treasure each day with her,
knowing she will be my last baby ever.

Look at our little seeds!

The roots were starting to come out the bottom!
I set them out in the garden yesterday.
They looked so pretty.
Now, if they will just produce some food!

My son, running to the bus stop (for fun I might add) at
6:20 AM.  Emma and Mark are driving in the car. Ha!

Tanner fell asleep the first and only time we
were in the car rider line this year.


Today is my birthday!!
I am 32. NO! I am 36.
SIGH. Closer to 4 - 0.
How can that be?
I don't want to be a responsible, grown up.
Or maybe I do?
Really, I just want Hibachi.
That's all I ask for.

Have a blessed day!
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