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Friday, April 12

sports and such

Tanner's first soccer game was so fun!
He loved it.

He was a little intimidated by all the kids
trying to kick and chase the ball all at once.
He' s more of a I'll wait my turn kinda kid.
So I kept telling him,
"It's always your turn."

Pre-game prayer.
I love YMCA sports!
There's a really good chance that parents or
coaches are not going to be yelling at each other
over a stupid kids sports game when you just
held hands and prayed together!!
This is called character building!!

Cute little boy.
Best part of playing soccer (at the Y)
after game parent made tunnel!!

In other sports, Emma got the game ball!
Of course she did.

Sweet girl. I love her.

And not to be left out MerBear has been doing baby yoga.

And push ups!

My heart overflows with love.

I didn't leave Maddox out on purpose.
He would be SO great at sports if he would
put in just a little bit of effort.
He will. When the time is right for him.

Does sports keep your family busy?
Is it worth it at this age?
I wonder sometimes.
We try not to stress about it all.

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