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Sunday, May 12

Mother's Day

Cute notes and such from my sweet girl.
Emma's said that I am so smart because I even know
what 200x200 is.
Maddox's said that I need to do...nothing.
And that he loves when I...play outside with him.

They also made me some of these at church.
Amanda did a really cool thumb print charm craft
with them in children's church.

Mark got me this cute little flower pot.
green. My favorite.
I love it.

I was laying with Tanner and he said,
"I need to tell you something in your ear."
He softly whispers,
"Happy Mother's Day."
He's so sweet.

He also told me this morning that he loves
me too much and that means double, triple.

My heart melts.
When I tell him I love him, he used
to say I love you either and now
he always says I love  you too much.

I love all my kids too much.
They are my heart and I am SO blessed
to have them here and healthy.
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