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Friday, June 7

camping trip

We went camping with our friends.
It was perfect.
I was scared.
We haven't been tent camping in YEARS and
NEVER with so many kids.
Usually our camping is in a cabin.
With our own beds, bathrooms, kitchen,
a/c!!, doors to close, a deck! You know, stuff that
makes 'camping' fun.
We didn't go too far from home which was a comforting
thought for me because I was thinking me and Mer
might sneak back home at bed time.
But we didn't have to!
We all slept so good in that tent together.
Miracles happen.
Truly those kids were so tired they were asking
to go to bed at 8:30!
It was great.
It was a little chilly the first morning, but after
that the weather was perfect. In the middle of the day,
it gets too hot in the tent for sleeping so MerBear took
her naps in the van. strapped in her car seat.
with the a/c on.
listening to her sound machine.
Hey! It worked!
Bug finding,

I love this picture of Tanner playing with his sister.
endless hours of scooter riding,
 playing catch,
board games,
AND swimming.
All these things together will make some
kids very tired!
Tanner pulled his sleeping bag out of the tent
along with his pillow and blankie 'just to rest'.
He said he didn't want to close his eyes when I ask
him if he was going to take a nap.
2 hours later he woke up recharged!
Meredith had so much fun playing in the tent.
It was like her own little play land in there!
She climbed everywhere and just giggled and giggled.
 So cute.
On Sunday, we packed up and drove home.
2 nights was just enough of those showers for me!
The boys helped their dad pack the van.
And when we got home
everything fell out!!
I didn't do as much of this as I should have.
Sigh*** what's wrong with me?
Why do I feel the need to tidy and straighten even
at a dirty ol' campsite??
We will go again.
The trick is to go when the weather is just right.
Oh, and with your friends!



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