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Monday, June 24

summer love

Meredith is an easy baby.
We are so thankful.
She will play anywhere you put here and
with whatever she can find.
She is our only baby that will just watch us
walk away from her and smile the whole time.
And she sleeps!
She has always been a good sleeper, but
about a month ago we went through this wake up at
night thing again. For me, losing sleep is the worst!
I need sleep. lots.
After a few minimal crying it out sessions and learning to
sleep on her belly without being swaddled, she is all straightened out again and back to
sleeping all night every night. Thank goodness.
She has also been sleeping until 7am for me!
I think I have managed that by stuffing her full during the day.
She eats often!  Besides nursing, she loves yogurt, fruit, some baby food,
and she likes to try picking up toasted waffles, bagels and bread.
This easy baby is so much fun.
We are having a very relaxing and easy summer.
I love the no scheduled days. No get up early and out the door.
No homework. No constantly checking emails and writing on
the calendar all the due dates and events coming up.
We've instead been sleeping in (7:30 for us), hanging at the pool,
going to the library, watching too much tv,
 and playing outside way too late.
Last week Emma went to Drama Camp and she loved it.
I was nervous dropping her off at the high school with LOTS of
kids. But she knew most all the kids in her group and it felt safe there.
Now she is off to softball camp for the week. Just in the mornings and then
her and Maddox are off to VBS in the evenings!
After breakfast jumping in your pajamas (or less).
How can you not love summer?

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