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Tuesday, July 9

Hello blog.

Remember me?

It's VBS week.
I love it.
It's been super busy and sometimes stressful to get 'it' all done on time with four little kids in tow.
But it happened. It is happening.
And  I love it.
Have you ever worshipped with kids?
I get the privilege every time I teach children's church, which is often.
Worshipping with kids is real, all in , honesty and open and joyful.
The kids at vbs tonight were whole heartily dancing around and singing about/ to Jesus.
They were shouting I really, really wanna be like Jesus. And guess what? They DO!
Ahhhhh.... I love it!
God is SO good. He is worthy of ALL our praise in the good times and the bad.
My sweet friend is going through one of those really hard times and she is there.
Engulfed by these sweet children and their honest belief in our BIG God. I can't help but
know that she is being blessed. I hope so. I love her.

I am so proud of my own kids this week.
Emma, it is such a joy to watch you grow in Jesus.
You are doing a great job leading worship. I see you taking small steps closer and closer to HIM since you gave him your heart.
Maddox, You are changing. God is softening your heart and preparing you for an awesome work.
I love you sweet boy. I wan to you to always seek God first, follow HIS perfect ways and be humble baby, be humble and allow God in.

I have things I want to share on here.
I am getting to it.
The kids and I have been talking about our 3 weeks of summer fun that will begin after vbs.
The summers go so quickly. We are going to spend lots of time together. playing. swimming. visiting parks. the lake. just having fun. I  am so looking forward to it.   I just wish Mark could be with us more.

My mom is here this week and oh, what a blessing.
She is so good to us. 
Nana, we love you. Your babies love you. I think you know that.
They will never forget the time you invest in them. Playing and playing.
I love the new game, 'statues' that you made up. Keeps em' quiet! Ha!

My blog will not suffer. I don't scrap book anymore! I have to keep up over here.
So I am. I don't feel too far behind anyway.

Well, that's my vbs spill. I am so enjoying it.
For now it's after 10pm and I really need some sleep.

I will be back. Hang in there!

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