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Tuesday, July 23

water fun with my kids

I took the kids to the Bicentennial Park to play
in the water fountains and have a picnic.
We had fun.
Mer cracks up at her brothers and sister all the time.
You know this was going to happen...
The boys thought this was so funny.
Of course.
And it was.
Each fountain represents a river in
Tennessee and they all flow into the big Mississippi
at the back of the monument.
That's Emma laying in the Mississippi.
Emma squirted Mer and she loved it.
It was splashing all over her.
She squealed and laughed.
That's it.
It was kinda hard for me to keep
up with all them. The area is large and curves so
you can't see one end of the fountains from the other.
I was nervous. I like to know where my children are.
at.all.times. They are babies. Even at 8. Baby.
Anyway, I probably won't take them back.
So, we ate our lunch and went home.
While I was typing this I was remember a thought
that I had today while reading, 'Crazy Love'.
It feels weird to me when my children aren't with me.
It's foreign. It's uncomfortable. Lonely.
I think about almost constantly when they are not with me.
Sometimes, I wonder how in the world can Mark be
away from them for 8 hours every day?
I want to know that they are safe, being cared for, watched over,
taken care of, and loved. Then I thought about God and how
we are HIS children. The bible tells us that even we who are evil
would give our children great gifts, how much more would God
give to us? Love us? It's hard to imagine that God loves
me more than I love my own children. And He loves them more than I do!
He wants me to be with HIM always.
It's foreign to Him when I am not close by.
His is our father and desires to love us, care for us and watch over us.
"You will seek me, and when you seek me with all your heart,
 you will find me. Knock and the door will be opened to you."
Wow. We serve an amazing God and at age 36 I am learning
and growing in HIM more than ever and I love it.
P.S. These feelings are the reason it is very, very hard for me to
send my children to school.  So far, we have been blessed with
wonderful teachers that I know take good care of my kids.


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