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Sunday, August 4

random happenings

We tried this and it worked.
This baby was in desperate need of a salon
treatment! After we realized it worked, we lined
up all the barbies and gave them a dip too!

My new favorite dress.
I try to refrain from wearing it more than 3 times a week.

Cousins are the best.
I saw a sign that said,
Grandma's house: where cousins
become best friends.
That is so adorable and true!
I need to make that for Mark's mom's house.

Rockin' the new shades.

My BFF holding my very busy,
always hungry, super messy eater of a
chunky baby for me so I can catch a break
and maybe hear some of the sermon warms my heart
and makes me happy, happy.
Mer got graham crackers all over her.
But I don't feel bad, cause I gave her fair warning.

Love that my girl can be herself in front of lots of strangers
passing by behind me.

I finally asked a stranger to take a picture
for us. Why is that so hard for me to do?
 Everyone is always busily hurrying by with thier own family.
That could be a lesson for us all.
Slow down, pay attention to other people, don't
be so caught up in yourself and your family that
you can't see that a stranger needs something.
(like taking a picture for her!)
That goes for me too. Sloooow down.
Anyway, Tanner didn't want to take a picture and
Mer was eating sunglasses. So it is with our family

Baby of the world!

Emma said the flamingos are doing yoga.

Tanner loves snakes!

Meredith has never been scared of anything.
She was scared of the fish.

She wouldn't let me put her down.

I don't know that little girl.
But that was a cool picture.

My kids all wore their sunglasses.
They were cute. of course.

I bought them an icee.
I'm a cool mom.

Why do babies/kids like to drive?
How do babies know that they are not suppose
to be doing that, so that makes it uber fun?
Smart babies.
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