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Wednesday, September 18

camping weekend

We went camping.
We loved it.
Being outside, kids playing together all day,
riding bikes, campfires. It's all good. Mostly good.
The bathrooms were clean but the occasional spider was in there.
We didn't shower there, this time because we had to leave on Saturday
for some activities so we showered here instead. 

Tanner doesn't like marshmallows.
Niether does Emma.
But they love to roast them.
over and over and over.
Guess who has to eat them all??
I told Tanner I didn't want anymore and he said,
"Just eat 5 more mom."  ugh!!

The kids do so well sleeping in a tent.
Even Mer. They are exhausted by 8:30 and then sleep
like a rock all night.  Tanner kept telling us that it
was getting dark and we needed to go to sleep.

We decided at last minute that we would go so I packed
the van all myself before Mark got home on Friday.
Wait! I do that always anyway!
The kids didn't have school so they helped.
The weather was BEautiful! It was a little colder on Saturday
morning than I thought it would be so me and the kids got in the car
and turned the heater on full blast. Mark laughed at us.
But I think he should get up earlier and make a fire for us all
to keep warm and that didn't happen so we used the car.


Hiking. 2miles. Emma complained most of the time.
I distracted her by talking about our family tree.
She was interested in everyone's names and jobs.

Meredith fell asleep on Mark right after this picture.

told ya.

Here was our little spot.
We learn more and more every time we go.
Mostly about the things that we forgot to bring.

Meredith only wanted to play in the dirt so we would zip her up in the
tent to try to keep her out of it. But that only lasted a little while.
I even tried letting her play in the van.

But the dirt won.

She wants to be down on the ground.
And since she's still only crawling, it makes me cringe.

She has been trying to walk.
Taking more and more steps.

Camping was fun and I am trying to figure out
when we can go again real soon.

Do you like camping?
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