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Monday, September 23

hungry baby

Meredith has been eating everything lately!
She was never a baby food eater. I was glad.
She loves eating all the foods that we do.
Except meat. I haven't given her that yet.
I threw her a jelly sandwich a couple of days ago
and she ate the whole thing. Plus a banana!
She loves cheerios, grapes, bread, goldfish and yogurt.

She refuses the bib.
Darn it. She thinks it's super funny to rip it
off and play peekaboo with it.
Especially if a sibling is there to play along!
A lot of times we just take her shirt off.
Or her dress and then she eats only in a diaper
until she's done and we re-dress her.
Merbear is 11 months old somehow.
We are down to 3 bottles a day.
No more nursing.
We are all happy and content with the way
things in the  baby schedule are right now.

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