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Monday, December 30

Christmas 2014

The kids slept in the tent.
Right by the bonus room.
That's the room where Santa had to quietly put all their
wrapped gifts after they were sleeping.

They said they heard him!

I set my alarm for 6am.
I wanted to see their first reaction.
Mom was sleeping on the couch upstairs.
I took a blanket and a camera with a full battery to the loveseat.

Emma was first to stir about 6:45.
She was super excited.
 She snuck out alone to see the loot first and then
ran back yelling for the boys to come out quick!!

Highlights and favorite pictures this year...

Skylanders SwapForce.
He about died!
It was hilarious.
Got it all on video!

I love the Christmas mess.
ONLY the Christmas mess.

Meredith wasn't too sure about it all.
She kept getting paper stuck to the bottom of her foot.
She didn't like that.
Her jump on zebra wasn't wrapped so that's what
she went for first and didn't care about things she
couldn't see under paper.
Once off the zebra, we opened her WhimzyWalker
puppy for her and she was happy with that.
Didn't want/care about anything else.
So the boys opened 2 more for her.
Finally, when it was all said and done.
Everything was unwrapped except one.
Maddox handed it to her and

she opened it by herself!! And she loved it.
 One of those bottles for her babies with the disappearing milk.

She loves her kitchen set too.
Barbie Dream House from Santa
Some assembly required. heeheehee!
 This was a very merry Christmas here.
Tanner got lots of Pokemon toys.
Then we headed over to grandma's house!

All the girls got American Girl Dolls.

Boys being silly.

Presents as tall as you!!
He was beyond excited.

It was the year of the Crazy Loom.
Aunt Kelley got these for all the girls with cute
cases and lots of bands.
Emma has been doing them everyday.

We had a great Christmas!
Mark got me a watch and I gifted him a new coat.
We were surrounded by family and that meant the most!
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