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Thursday, December 19

Christmas decorating

Emma's snowflakes!
I love them. We hung them all over the bonus room windows.
Now I'm thinking those windows really needed something.
I may leave them up for awhile!
The upstairs tree.
Which is mostly blue and silver.
And supposed to be for the kids ornaments, too.
Santa will put presents all around this tree!
So exciting! We never put presents out before Christmas morning.
I would like too, but they would get unwrapped.
For sure.
And that would just drive us all nuts!
New stockings from Target this year.
We had 3 large beautiful quilted ones from Pottery Barn,
but we had only 3. And that's not enough anymore!
So we got new ones with initials.
Red for the girls. Blue for the boys.
Emma said we should have named Tanner something that
starts with an 'A' so the stockings would spell her name.
The candy tree. LOVE.
It's super cute and junky and just lovely.
It screams kids and Christmas and goodies and fun!
It's in Emma's room this year.
Our elf. He tries to be fun. But you know.
Emma said the other day that our elf just sits around this year.
Yep. Pretty much.
Mer likes him anyway!
She says HIeee to him and waves at him everyday.
The count down calendar.
I will just go ahead and admit now that I have been terrible
about this this year. They didn't have anything in their envelope the other
day and I said, I'm sorry. I'm a bad mom this year. NO! Wait!
Why does it have to be all my fault. It's probably daddy's fault!
Ha! I don't think they believed me. I promise to be better next year!
I do have the rest of the days full for the month.
I got a new buffet/ dresser in my dinning room so now
I get to decorate that for Christmas! I just used stuff from the backyard
and the flea market. And some things from years past. I would love to
have a really big, cool manager scene or a Christmas Village or Nutcracker collection!
Maybe vintage Christmas village? I don't know. But this old tool box filled
 with flea market ornaments and pine usually sets on the table...but the cookies
 took over this year! After Christmas sales are calling my name!
Is that leaning?
Hmmm. Mark did it.
I love our 'red' tree. I started putting it back here because we
are always on this side of the house more.
OR we WERE until I started spending all my time decorating
cookies on the other side of the house.
But that's okay. Next year we will have a new tree in there too!
Even Tanner said in the car the other night.
"You know that room downstairs with the carpet? We need a tree
 in there. Right in the middle!" Haha! He's so cute.
 I agree.
More trees.
More Christmas.
More Joy
Merry Christmas from the Metzgars!


amanda persinger said...

I love it! The snowflakes are so cute. We may have to do that next year!

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