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Tuesday, December 24

Christmas Eve

The kids stayed in pajamas all morning.
Playing together, eating, and Emma made crafts.
I spiffed them up, brushed their hair and made them get dressed.
I don't really like the 'stay in your pajamas all day' thing.

The boys ended up playing outside of course.
Maddox without a jacket.
It was near 40 here today.
Mark says Maddox should live at the North Pole.
He's never cold.

Later, the boys put out reindeer food on the lawn.
Maddox said not to put it all in one place, because the
reindeer would get all straggled up.

The kids have the big tent set up in the playroom.
They have been sleeping there for the past two nights.

Emma and I thought it needed lights and a
Christmas banner. She made a banner from construction
paper and hung it on the front.
We hope to keep it up all winter break.

Tonight they are all sleeping in their beds so
they won't accidentally hear Santa put all those
gifts under the tree.

We let them open one DVD tonight.
We are having movie night.
Maddox just looked over from under the scoobie doo
blanket and said, thank you mom and dad for buying
us this movie.' He's sweet.

My mom is here.
We went out shopping a little today.
I love the crowds and the anticipation.

I can't wait to see their faces when they see all those gifts in the morning!
Oh, to be a child at Christmas!
Tanner has been super cute about the whole present thing this year.
Emma said she might go crazy from all the excitement and waiting.

Merry Christmas!!
Santa comes tonight!
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