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Monday, January 13

Emma's birthday week!

Today is the last day for Emma to be 8.
My goodness.
I think I'm okay with her turning 9, but I do not like thinking about double digits!
So for now, lets think about 9.
Sometimes I just stare at her when she is dancing (all the time) or telling
me a great story and I remember being nine.
Though my 9 was much different from hers today.
I love her so much.
My first born.
My little girl.
Emma is very talkative, super sweet, loves music, dancing and crafts and
is very funny. She has an alter ego that comes out sometimes called 'granny'.
It's pretty hilarious.
She has a lots of dreams, big ones.
She loves God and has many friends.
This week we celebrate Emma Nicole!

Nana is coming today to help celebrate.
Tonight we will have Emma's favorite chicken and for
a surprise Chocolate covered strawberries.

Tomorrow, (the birthday!)Blueberry muffins for breakfast with a candle.
I will take cupcakes to her class and eat lunch with her.
Then we will go out to eat wherever she chooses for dinner.
I can't wait to decorate the downstairs breakfast room tomorrow.
She will love it.
I can't wait to see her reaction when she opens her gift
from daddy.
And homemade cupcakes for dessert!

Wednesday will be hamburgers and fries, another Emma fav.
Plus she is bringing a friend home from school on Wed.

Thursday, bacon sandwiches.
And Friday probably pizza (I'll be tired by then)

Fun for sure!

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