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Tuesday, January 27


This is my granny, Emma and Maddox's Great Grandmother. She is my mom's mother. She has lived in Albany , KY her whole life. She is 76 years old. (i think) She loves gardening, breaking beans, canning, and rainy days. She loves her great grandkids the most. She babysat in her home for as long as I can remember. A whole house full of kids. And They all called her Boo-Boo. All of them. Actually most everyone in Clinton County still calls her Boo-Boo.
She has RA, which was passed on by her mom, and which has also been passed on to my mom. What I remember most about her as a child is when we spent the night with her we had to go to bed before dark and wake up by 5:00am to get hot oatmeal and biscuits. She made the best oatmeal in 5 counties. Probably just instant, I don't really know, but my memories are so fond of it, I'm sure it was the best or I was just starving, b/c we hadn't eaten since 6pm. (when we went to bed.) I also will never forget the big plastic Santa Clause door cover she always put on her front door every year. I remember getting SO excited when I would see it for the first time each season. It gave my hope that maybe he is real, and maybe I will get something this year.
Now my kids love spending time with her. Kids were always drawn to her. She forever had some kind of nick-nack or what-not that she could whip out to amaze you with. I remember the babies she used to keep would play all day with washed out Cool Whip bowls and lids, and they loved it. Everytime we visit, even to this day, she searches her house for anything we might want or need, and she gives it to us. And now she has a cat, Penny Boots. Which my kids torment to death.
Just wanted everyone to meet her. Throughout the years she is the one that kept my family in church where we so desperatly needed to be. She is a Godly woman, and I am sure not a day goes by that she doesn't pray for everyone of her 3 girls, 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.
This is my granny.

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amanda said...

Wheew! That was a long post...lol!!
What a sweet one though. I can't believe you thought she made the best oatmeal b/c I thought the very same thing about mine...seriously!! She made it for me almost every morning and loved it! Aren't grandma's the best!!

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