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Monday, January 26

Birthday Girl

Emma's party turned out really cute. I especially loved this cake. LOL I made it myself with my own two hands and it looks good from this picture but it wasn't all that great up close. Emma loved it. We had all the kids dress up like cats to go along with the Hello Kitty theme. We made ears with headbands and added bows to the girls and the bows wore bow ties. And I also painted some whiskers on their cute little faces! It was too fun. NE way she got this Barbie head that you can put makeup on and paint its nails. That was probably her fav. gift along with her little vanity. She really did get a lot of great things that she loves. All her friends came over minus Caitlin and all her cousins minus Dylan but he was out of town and I'm sure too old for a Hello Kitty party. (but that's o.k) Maddox was in a horrible mood most of the time, because he just woke up from his nap. He wanted me to hold him the whole time, but I didn't. So he cried. NEway what's a party with out a whinny, little brother?

Emma didn't care that he was whinny, she partied on! So thanks to everyone for coming and for all the gifts and cards. You are all very special to us!

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