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Wednesday, February 4

Babies, Houses, and Leaders...

Big news y'all......we are having another baby! YEA! We just found out that we will be welcoming #3 in September. We are very happy, Emma is super excited, and Maddox doesn't have a clue.
I have always know at 6weeks the gender of my babies, I know this one is a girl. We are not going to find our technology wise, but I am expecting a girl. Funny, how I have always known that.
Anyway, our house should be done early March! The drywall is all finished, the trim and interior doors are in, and the cabinets are in! I love them. It's so exciting and I am soooo ready to move in there. We will have so much room to live and play (inside and outside). I will post pictures soon (maybe).
So I was so proud of Emma this month at ballet. We get to go into class one week a month to watch the girls dance. Emma was so focused and she knew all the moves. She did sooo good. I was very proud of her. Some of the other girls were not paying attention or didn't even know what to do, but MY girl was right on it! The teacher said Emma is the leader of the class, and all the other girls look to her to see what they should be doing! She was proud of herself too.


amanda said...

I am so excited for you!! You will soon have a New house AND a new baby!! How exciting!!
And...yay Emma!! Get ready recitle! haha!!

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