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Friday, February 27

Hi friends...

Wow, I knew it had been awhile since I posted, but Feb. 4th, comeON! So, I'm here now.
We have had quite the morning. It's consignment sale season!! One of my favorite seasons. So being the bargain junkey that I am, Emma, Maddox and I loaded into the van early this morning (yes, without showers or brushing our hair) to head over to a sale. All in all the kids were pretty good and I found a ((cute)) Strasburg jon-jon for Maddox.
Then, we went to Penney's to get this cookware that is majorly on sale and I wanted to be one of the first people there, b/c the last two times it was on sale, all the stores sold out. So here I go like herding cattle through the parking lot, through the store (no, don't touch that!, where did he go? what are you doing son?, come over here!, keep going!, get off the chairs!) to discover my item was on a very top shelf. So now we have to track down an employee who in return tracks down another employee to retrieve the item for us. He offers to carry the item to the front registers, where the 3 of us
s-l-o-w-l-y tag along behind him. Finally making it to the register, I pay and keep an eye on the kids over at the other register only to realize that I paid too much. That wasn't the sale price. So the cashier tells me we can get our difference.....in the back of the store! So here we go...again.
Very Long Story short...the item doesn't go on sale until 3pm! I have to return it, come back at 3:00 and buy it again. I can't wait. :) But in order to return and buy it back again, we had to find another employee to go get it from the front and bring it to the back. During which time, I am pretty sure Emma and Maddox made a wedding registry list.

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