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Saturday, February 28

the rest of the story....

I know you are dying to know what happened on round 2 at Penneys.
((If you haven't read chapter one of the Penney's experience, please scroll down))
We head back in there at 3pm but this time I grab a cart so I can tote the thing myself. Once I roll the cart out into the wide open space between the register, you know if front of the front doors, and ALL the people waiting at the registers; my kids go crazy. Like they have never seen anything with wheels before!! They are trying to climb on , sit on , push , and pull. All the while, I am grabbing their arms, telling them to get off, telling them it's not to ride on, etc.. Then just as we have ((everyone's)) attention Maddox falls backwards of the thing knocking his head on the hard tile floor. Two old women loudly gasp, everyone was staring, Maddox was bawling, even the cashier stopped ringing to watch the spectical! It was bad y'all. But we finally made it home with our precious goods that I am sure we couldn't have lived without. (not) And in the end we all learned a lesson:
mine-do NOT take the kids anywhere EVER again!
Maddox-hold on tighter to the cart you're not suppose to ride on!
Emma-never go anywhere with them two again!

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