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Monday, March 2

Doctor's Visit

I had an appt. today with my baby doctor. She actually moved me back a week, saying that I am probably only 10 weeks pregnant now instead of 11. We couldn't find the heartbeat, but at this early it's not really expected. So we are not really worried, neither was the doctor, but we would appreciate your prayers. Again, I don't go back for 4 more weeks. I'll let ya know what happens then.

Emma and Maddox had western day at school today. I will post a picture soon. Emma looked so adorable. She let me put freckles on her face to look like "Jesse" from ToyStory.

Maddox's party is this Saturday. We have went from basketball party to Buzz Lightyear! He is in love with Buzz. So it should be a fun party. I am trying my hand at making the cake - again.
I'll post pics. I hope his face doesn't turn out all crazy(like Buzz has a buzz)! LOL.

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