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Monday, April 27

baby stuff

I have been feeling the baby move everyday now for over a week!
I love that feeling. I know she is fine if she can do all that! I can't
believe I forgot to mention in my earlier bday post that I felt the
first "for sure" movement on my bday! That was a great gift. But
it's my third so you tend to forget those things as your running
down the cul-de-sac trying to catch the 2 year old before he climbs
on the bull dozer. Anyway, He's been moving and even Mark has felt it.
I can't stand when someone calls a baby an "it" so, I will mostly say 'she'
b/c I'm pretty sure "it" is a girl, but just for safety sake I will sometimes
throw in a 'he'. I am game for either one. I really don't care either way.
I ((almost)) want two more, b/c I still have a boy and girl name that I
still want to use. You know how that is? But two more will ((never)) happen.
We got to get on with life and quit havin' babies!
In the end we will pick something that sounds good on the Christmas card with all of our names. But its fun to have a boy and girls name ready. (not that we do yet) If we have a boy, I think it wouldbe really cute to give him the same middle name as Maddox Craig. Since both the others have family names it's only fair that this one have a family name as well, but I'm running out of cute ones.
Oh, and the names will be a surprise too!

We go wednesday for our 18week visit and ultrasound! We could find out the
gender then, but we won't. I am loving the surprise this time! I have included my first belly shot. Really I am not any bigger with this one than I was with Emma and Maddox. I think those first 9 weeks came quicker, but I have leveled out to my "average" pregnancy size.

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amanda persinger said...

Look at that cute little belly!:)
Let me know when you want me to take maternity pics ;)

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."