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Wednesday, April 29

doctor visit

The doctor visit today went great! The baby is healthy and fine as far as we can tell from the ultrasound pics. Well now we know...It's a baby! ha! We didn't look! I told her as soon as we walked in that we didn't want to know. I don't even know if my doctor knows. I told her we wanted to be surprised. The baby's hb was 147 and so far in 18weeks I have gained 7lbs. Since I am announcing that, yes, I am proud of only gaining 7 lbs. SO when I go gaining 7lbs in 2 weeks time don't expect me to be telling you! ha! And I know I will, b/c that time always came with the other two. Here's one of the best pictures we got from today. It's a profile picture. None of them turned out great. The baby was folded up like a pretzel the whole time and had "her" hands around "her" face.


Judy Mercer said...

I bet that is a girl. What do you think? Hope it comes on my b-day!

amanda persinger said...

It's a BOY! LOL!

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