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Thursday, April 16


Pickles, pickle juice and Italian dressing. My mouth waters for these tangy flavors!! I think about them ALOT! I know, it's weird. Last night at 10pm I was eating a HUGE salad with LOTS of Italian dressing on it. I seriously felt like I could've drank that whole bottle!! And pickles, don't get me started. I ate an entire jar last week and I went to the store today. MMMMM....Good!!
Oh, if you didn't know......and how could you not....I'm pregnant! :)
Actually last week somebody ask me if I been workin' out!!! LOLOLOL
I am almost 4 months pregnant! too funny.
Any way I think I will go have a pickle or two and then go to bed.

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amanda persinger said...

TOo funny! I still think its a boy:) So get ready...lol!

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For this moment is your life."