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Tuesday, April 14

Decorating Daze

I am so into decorating lately. I know I have plenty of it to do. But the way my mind works, looking at walls that need painting, pillows that need to be made, and windows that need to be decorated is like not wiping the table after dinner!

It is really eating at me. (no pun intended) Part of the problem is money, we just can not do everything we (I) want to all at the same time. I'm talking furniture, drapes, fabric, paint, chair rails, flowerbeds, built in shelves, patios.... It doesn't even seem overwhelming to me, b/c I LOVE this kind of stuff. I love the painting and the work. The finished product is so satisfying. That's why we do it all ourselves. We would never hire someone to do something that we can learn how to do ourselves.

Anyway I have tons of ideas floating around in my head and I can't wait to put feet to them! My wonderful MIL has been helping lots by doing all my sewing. She is very useful with that sewing machine!
If anyone else is redoing a room or two or three at your house I would LOVE to help. Get my fix from your project.

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