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Tuesday, April 7

Easter Experience Maybe Changed our Minds...

We were (I was) so excited about taking the kids to Easter in the Park on Saturday! It was a beautiful day, everyone was in a good mood (so far), and we were ready. We had been having practice egg hunts in the front yard all week.

We get there early, up close parking lot, tents are set up, there's balloons, jumpy castles, cotton candy, eggs...it was great. (so far) BTW Mark was not with us b/c he was playing softball. So we get there and the first place I have to go is the bathroom. After that, we were getting just close enough to start enjoying things when Maddox starts going crazy. crying, screaming, wanting me to hold him and pointing back to the bathroom. Where he would rather stay, b/c he was scared of everything there. Emma runs ahead to the jumpy castle while Maddox and I buy cotton candy. After I've had enough crying I was going to go get Em out of the castle (the one Madd is scared of). As I'm walking toward the castle Maddox is climbing up my neck, screaming b/c he is scared of it. (looked like a dino).

We decided to walk around away from the jumpy things, but there were lots of dogs from the animal shelter that "both" the kids were terrified of. (thnks to our new neighbor's dog) Once Mark got there, he took crying, screaming Maddox while I drug crying, whinning Emma along behind me. They were terrified of these two dressed up dinosaurs, snowbird, and the Easter Bunny!

We did make it through the egg hunt but needless to say left immediately after. From the pics you will see a happy family having fun, but that's how pics always are, right?

So in the end, we may have changed our minds about taking them to disney next year. We may wait another.....4 ! I'm under the impression that dress up characters are everywhere at Disney, true?

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amanda persinger said...

Oh no!! Thats why I did not see you :^) And yes, they are Every where!

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