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Wednesday, May 27


We were out shopping on Friday. Out of the blue Emma says,
"Where is the ear pierce store?" She decided by herself that on that day she was going to get her ears pierced.....and she did! She got right up there and did it. I warned her that it would hurt a little. I guess she didn't believe me. (I am only the mother) She didn't really cry, but she came close after that first side. She looked at the lady like she was a villian. And I could tell she was dreading the other side but she never said a word. So now she has cute little pierced ears and we love them.


amanda persinger said...

Yaaaay!! Now, just hope she isn't like Avery and pulling them out all the time! I finally gave up after the 5 earing she pulled out and lost...so, she hasn't had earings in now for weeks. I don't even know if the holes are still open :0

Amanda DeFelice said...

She totally cracks me up....love her to pieces.

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For this moment is your life."