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Wednesday, May 27


Ummm...we have a little issue at our house....with maddox....ummm wanting to wear...........girl clothes! He absolutely LOVES this pink silky princess nightgown. He wants it on after every bath. He saw it in the dirty laundry basket one day, pulled it out and wanted to undress so he could wear it. I told him it was for girls and he says, "No Mine!"

Mark thought, hoped, wished that maybe he just liked the silky feel of it......but no, he also wants to wear Emma's bathing suits! I found him playing up stairs with one wrapped around his neck. The icing on the cake is this story.....One morning I'm downstairs getting a shower, getting dressed, and I hear someone knocking on a door. I thought Maddox had gotten up closed himself in his bedroom and now couldn't get out. Nope. I go up stairs look in Madd's room, no Madd. But I can hear him. I went to Emma's room, where she is sound asleep and I hear him better now. I found him in her closet, with the door closed, looking her in dresser for something to wear!! Told ya, he has issues.

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amanda persinger said...

That is too funny! He makes such a pretty girl :0)
Looks like you need to have another boy for him to play with..ha!

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