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Tuesday, June 23

checkin' in....

Doctor's visit on Monday went great. I've gained 19 lbs. total so far. Which is right on track with what I did with the other two. The heartbeat was 134. She let me choose if I wanted to come back in 2 or 3 weeks....so I chose 3. So funny how with the 1st you can't wait to get back to the doctor, with the second I at least knew how far along I was, and now...well...it's good I write all this stuff down on a calander!! LOL. I love this baby as much as my others but, she so conviently tucked away right now and the others aren't! LOL.
Anyway, we are having a busy summer with VBS, friends, movies, swimming, and family. I love summer so much. It's def. my fav. season. Only 96 days till my due date, so I'm feeling a little anxious to get some things done. I'm getting started today. I already put up some shelves in E's room and now I am working on shadow boxes in the bonus room. Before bed I would like to get some family photos in the hall. We'll see...

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