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Wednesday, June 17

'new' old furniture


Yea, I got a "new" old antique church pew! I've been looking for one, along with other things, since we moved in. I had checked all the local antique shops and nothing that I just loved and nothing under $165. If you know me, you know I hold out for a deal! So my BFF scored me this sweet deal on craigslist for $40.00!! I was soooo excited. I love it. I still need to scrap the chewing gum off the bottom and maybe toss some pillows on there but it works great here in the entryway. I drove down to Shelbyville to pick it up, but for that price, I would've went further! Hope you find a great deal today too!



amanda persinger said...

I LOVE IT!! Now I really I wish I would have got one for that price! oh well. It looks great in you hall and sure it will get used alot! BTW...love the new look of your blog ;)

Amanda DeFelice said...

Love It!!! so beautiful...

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