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Wednesday, August 26

***Book Review***

Well, I 've actually been done with this current book for about a week but wasn't excited about it so hence the no book review until now. "The Noticer" by Andy Andrews was a bit of a let down for me. I heard good things about this one, but I was pretty much bored with the entire thing. I kept imagining the story would go a different way or have a big reveal only to be disappointed. I have heard alot of Sunday School lessons, and bible teachings that way out do this book. I feel like if you ever heard some good SS lessons, bible preaching and just common sense teaching then you've heard this book. Yes, there is a bit of a story to it; but in the end it just stops abruptly. There is a lesson about sewing seeds, again if you've ever been in church - you got that already. Nothing eye opening on my end. It's a book about changing your perspective when you've got what PD calls 'stinkin' thinkin'. So if you need to change your perspective and become a more positive person, read it. Otherwise, I'd pass... that's my opinion...everybody has one.

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