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Monday, August 24

Camping....County Fair...Cheesey

O.K. here goes....big weekend recap. BTW don't ya LOVE how much I'm blogging lately. Don't get used to it!! First off Friday night Mark promised the kids they could go 'camping' in the back yard. We have never done this, and Emma was SOOOO excited she was about to jump out of her skin all week. That's the same 'all week' that Mark was gone, so I was the one she picked on. Asking me over and over, "Is this the night?" "Is it tomorrow night?" FINALLY Friday rolls around and Mark won't be home until 6:30! Ummm O.K. I think I can put a tent up. By this time they know this is 'the night' and I was just trying not to be the big, fat ,pregnant, swollen, slightly grouchy mommy that I had been know as lately, SO I decided to get a jump start, help out Mark, have fun with the kids and put the tent up! Yeah, Right! We got it unfolded, Emma pounded the stakes in the ground (which was good b/c I couldn't bend over) and we put the poles in the wrong way and then.....we. were. done. Mark got home not too long after that fixed our mess, blew up the air mattress, set up the camping chairs, and made a fire!! GOOOO Mark! We invited the neighbor boys over to sit around the campfire and make s'mores. In the end the kids had a BLAST! They loved it. Madd ate lots of Chocolate those neighbor boys put away the marshmallows and I got a few pics. Take a look.

Maddox loved the fire. Unfortunate for the rest of us, he doesn't know a thing about how to properly hold a big, hot stick!
Sweet Emma she loved every minute of it.
Her daddy is def. her prince charming!
So as 9:30 rolls around, the neighbors walk home, and Maddox falls apart from exhaustion. He had no idea that someone actually planned to sleep in the tent out back. He just thought it was there for the previous 100 wrestling matches! So I just take him in, brush his teeth, wash his feet and in the bed he goes. Asleep before he hits the pillow. NOW Emma on the other hand, who BTW does never stay up this late is ready to hit the hay with daddy out back! I'm going to bed....the real bed. As Mark put it later..." I knew I was going to lie there for hours before I could ever go to sleep then I hear the sweetest words ever spoke, "Daddy, I'm scared....can we go in?" So by 10:45 we were all tucked into our own cozy beds. AHHHH...Don't ya love camping?

Saturday night proved to be it's own ordeal as we headed off to the Wilson County Fair! I love the Fair! I love the Fair Food and the Lights, the Rides, the Shows, all of it! This year the Fair did not luv us back. :( We knew 466,000 people visited the fair last year....we didn't know they were ALL coming back Sat. night! We live in Wilson County and it took us an hour and 30 minutes to get in there! On a good note, the kids were really sweet in the car considering their excitement and wait. First, we ate....OH did we eat! Corn dogs, Fries, Cokes, Lemonade, Corn on the Cob, Funnel Cakes and Ice Cream.

Then it's on to the rides. BTW if we owed you about $100 bucks before Sat. we blew it, oh I mean spent it already. The kids got their hands stamped and off they went. Poor Emma, she is just like me when I was little. She is such a nervous wreck when trying something new. We broke her in on the motorcycle ride and after that she was fine. Maddox rode everything we could smuggle him on...sometimes he wasn't tall enough..shhh. We just sandwiched him between his cousins.
We decided to call it quits by 10:30!! Exhausted we mustered up the energy to stop by the Ice Cream Stand...and head for the parking lot.He's looks pretty good for someone who was passed out snoring in his car seat 20 minutes later. Wilson County Fair - we. are. not. quitters. We'll see ya next year!

AND last but not least, IF you're still reading this (thanks Aunt Judy for hangin' in there!) Here's Madd eating his new favorite breakfast....Shredded Cheese and Chocolate Milk. Actually now that I think about it, It's his new favorite anytime meal! And you moms know just how much fun sweeping up the shredded cheese is!! He gets as much on the floor as he does in his mouth.

Messy, but cute!

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amanda persinger said...

wow! you are on a blogging roll : )
We sat in the same trafic 2yrs ago...probably why we haven't gone back. \
Maddox is too funny!

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For this moment is your life."