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Friday, August 14

***Daddy's Home***

Yea!! Daddy's Home! Daddy was gone out of town on business all last week and we really missed him. The kids, by myself, ALL week is just a little much. My super, duper MIL (hope she's reading this) took the kids one night while I went wondering around the mall. I really wanted to shop and actually purchase things like any red blooded woman, but I couldn't stop basking in the silence long enough to concentrate on what I might want..oh I mean need. Anyway, I wanted to show you what happens at our house EV.E.RY. NIGHT. when Daddy comes home....
He is attacked. Still in his suit. Thrown to the floor and chased around the house! (it's so funny to watch) As soon as I utter the words, "There's Daddy." In unison they yell, "HIDE!" SO EV.E.RY. day daddy comes in says hi to me then I am directed to say, "Emma and Maddox are upstairs playing." Which is their cue to jump out, scream "BOO" and start the 30 minute long giggle fest!

Of course, Daddy is a good sport! He's the best Dad in the world! Look how happy they are to see him, as if they've been caged up all day! PUUHHLEEZE!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous because another thing happens when daddy comes home....my time card is punched! Oh Yeah!
Laughter Abounds and the smiles are contagious......when daddy comes home!
We are so blessed.

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