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Friday, August 7

book review

Even though I stayed up waaay later than I ever do last night, I could not sleep until I finally finished the Terri Blackstock book 'Last Light'. I knew I only had a few chapters left. In review, I didn't realize what I grabbed off the Sunday School shelf when I got this otherwise I never would have picked it. No big deal, no earth shattering discoveries. Just a fictional book about a family dealing with a global 'black out'. I can't be a quiter and not finish it. NEway, Kinda ends adruptly and never really 'goes' anywhere. But I'm done now, and SUPER excited about my new read!! "Same Kind Of Different As Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore is the true story of a modern day slave. I have heard rave reviews about this book for awhile now, so can't wait to dig in!

Well, we will be in 'play land' all day as we have no pressing matters to attend. Oh, except I do want to go to Goodwill. Have a great weekend. Ours is packed with things to do!

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