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Thursday, September 10

***Big News***

So my doctor's visit yesterday couldn't have went better, well except for another 2 pounds I gained! Give me a break already. I can't wait to feel normal again. I'm beginning to think I'll never get into those skinny jeans again.
Anyway, about the doctor news. She is 100% positive that the baby's head is presenting! Yay! And she scheduled me for an inducement on Wed., Sept. 23rd! Yay! I couldn't be happier! Because the inducement is more for 'convenience' reasons I can't go in before 39 weeks. On the 23rd, I will be 39 wks and 1 day. We were very lucky to get this date as there were no more openings for the month of September. We are scheduled to be at the hospital at 5 am. My mom is already planning to come spend the night with us on Tuesday night before we go. The kids do have MDO on that Wednesday and I'm going to go ahead and send them. How exciting for them...they will have a new sibling when they get picked up that day! So watch your phone for a text or FB for an update on Wednesday, 23rd!
Can't wait to meet my new precious baby.

Oh, I know I am reeeeaally behind on taking the last of my maternity photos BUT this is the weekend! No joke. Gotta get it done. I'll share those next week.

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