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Tuesday, September 8

Dining Room Makeover

I feel like this DR project has been going on fooooreeverrr! Seriously when I started looking for my before pics I had to go alllll the way back to August 21st! Don't be scared...if you want to redo yours, it could be done in 2 weekends! No joke. We just worked on it a little at time, whenever Mark got a few hours. He usually waited till the kids were in bed and put in a couple of hours. N E way... here is my last minute attempt to get a before picture...
Just contractor beige...my $5 yard sale find picture on the wall and that. was. about. it. No curtain, No rug, and that tree was actually in the corner, but you see we had already started painting. So 1st we measured our walls and rolled on the white.. the GREAT thing about this is that it's the same color as the trim so you don't have to be careful! Yay!
Next we rolled on the Yellow. Then Mark started with the moldings. First he did the chair rail. Fairly simple. He had done that before. THEN we, I mean he, I actually mean He AND his dad started the crown molding. YIKES! This was Mark's first time, but his dad a little experience. The first night they were up until 12:30 and they only got three sides up. Mark was being a bit of a perfectionist. And all you people who say.."Mark never gets upset or angry", "I would like to see Mark get mad." You're invited over next time we do crown mold! The great thing about crown mold is you don't have to trim out next to the ceiling! Just roll that color on. OK, I'll tell on myself. We really were going to wait until later to do the crown, BUT I rolled the ceiling.....twice...OK three times...whatever. So we got crownmold. I love it! It's gorgeous!
Here he is. Pulling his 'all nighter'.
And now my favorite part! This gorgeous picture frame moldings! I love them! They are not actually made of wood. It's this flimsy almost plasticey stuff that you can get CHEAP @ Lowe's. Like $4.oo for 8feet! Score!
My wonderful MIL broke out that sewing machine again just for me! She's so sweet and she works on time line. hehehe I found this left over fabric my when I recovered my chairs...drug her to Joann's where we found this great fringe on clearance! and viola she makes me a curtain! I am in love with it!

And here you go...the finished project! My NEW Dining Room! I know I still gotta figure out what I want to put on that big, blank wall and maybe get a rug...so stayed tuned! I am going to yard sales this weekend...you never know what I may find!

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