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Sunday, October 11

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So all you moms out there should read, "Life on Planet Mom". It was a great book that really made me think about all my relationships now that I have joined planet mom. (4 yrs. ago) It makes you evaluate where you are now with your friends, hubby, parents, & God and where you want to be. There's always room for improvement in all our relationships and sometimes we have to put on our 'big girl panties' and realize we're the ones that need to change. I loved it and probably will re-read it at some point.

Now on to my next read....I am sooo excited!! Where have I been that I did not know that Nicholas Sparks (one of my fav. authors) had not ONE but TWO new books!! Hello. So I got them both. Couldn't help myself...I have all the others...may as well have these too! So this first one I'm on to is called, "The Lucky One". It's about a U.S. Marine in Iraq who after finding a picture of a lady begins on a lucky streak. When he gets back home from his tour he decides to find the lady in the picture. And of course if you've read ANY of his books you can guess where the lady lives.......North Carolina. I like that about his books. The take place in areas that I actually know of. So I'm super excited to get started and secretly just as excited to get done with it so I can add it to my decor around the house! crazy. As soon as I find LOTS of extra time on my hands I will get 'er done and let you know how it turns out.

Happy Reading.

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