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Monday, December 7

{ LeT'S pLAy }

What in the world do you guys do all day?? We play. We play. We play. BUT not really with toys. My kids put no value whatsoever in their toy stock. I have threatened at various times to put a toy in timeout as their punishment for bad choices and they could not have cared less. Big Deal. Take It. Don't Care. When cleaning things out, I've asked Emma several times: I hold up a toy and say, "keep it or consign it?" More than 1/2 the time she shrugs and says, "consign it." Maddox - same way. Now he does like toys a little more than Emma. He will go in his room alone and play for awhile without an adult. Emma completely first born spoiled and can never play more than 10 minutes alone. I feel a little bit proud of the hubby and I for somehow 'teaching' them that 'things' and ownership of them do not really matter. They LOVE to use their imaginations!! They pretend to be cops, waitresses, Indians, superheros, shoppers, mommies and daddies, all kinds of various animals (Madd's fav. is the puma!), teachers, snowmen, santas, students, workers, and the list goes on and on...They play with anything and everything they can find lying around! For example:
(get ready for a long list)
fishing nets:
planting buckets:
weeds (Emma's favorite):

buckets and strings:

rocks and grass: more rocks, more string:

vaccum cleaner cords:

extension cords (Madd's favorite):

And my favorite - 2 liter coke bottles
These were their babies!

Emma said she had twins and then

she put them in T's baby swing!!

And now here we are on the cusp of being sucked into the holiday spending.

Well actually since Black Friday is over...um...yeah... Anyway,

Santa will without a doubt drop a sack-full of toys under our tree this year.

Thre will be joy, laughing and playing BUT come Februaury,

we'll be back to this....

Spoons and Books:


Amanda DeFelice said...

GIRL! I llllloooovvvveeeee your Blog header! and I love the pictures, so funny and adorable!!! maybe I shoulda let you raise Grant up with Emma so he could learn that not all toys have to be kept!!! My mom and I are cleaning his room tomorrow while he's at school so he won't realize what is missing until later whenhe goes to look for it! ttyl

Jess said...

I love to watch little ones using their imagination. My husband and I always joked that our kids would rather play with the box that the toy came in than the toy itself!
I love the header too!

Tyrees on the Road said...

Love it! It is soooo wonderful to children using their imaginations and creating "toys" out of whatever is at hand. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when everyone sat around and had more fun playing with empty wrapping paper rolls than anything under the tree!

You and hubby are to be commended!

amanda persinger said...

I so want to be able to hear that vidio but I don't have any speakers...it looks so cute. We need to get Avery and Emma together soon!

amanda persinger said...

I mean video... teehee!

"Enjoy this moment,
For this moment is your life."