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Friday, December 11

{ChRiStMAs cHeeR }

Here she is...the Christmas tree! We were a little worried if it would fit. Our last house had 12 foot ceilings and this one (b/c of the 2nd story) has 9 ft. ceilings and this is a 9 ft. tree. But you know they count that one little limb that sticks out the top as the extra 1/2 foot.

I had Mark bend it down and wa-lah...fits great!
#483 on my bucket list: Have a house big enough that you don't have to
move the furniture to put up the tree!! (with a thankful heart) -Tah dah.

I want to also show you our advent calander. ARD and I made this a few years back from large match boxes and our scrapbook stash! It's supposed to be shaped like a Christmas tree. They are so cute, fun, and big enough to stash some cute goodies in! My kids are so excited every morning to see what they may get. They have only gotten a small toy twice and if you read the toy post you know that they actually love it more when they get a note or candy. Some of the notes say we will bake cookies, have popcorn/movie night, or have lunch with a friend. Advent calanders are everywhere in the stores this year, but I think ours if pretty cute. If you don't have one get it on sale this year and save it for next year of better yet MAKE one!

This is actually a 'count down to Christmas' thing but you could EASILY make it your advent calander by adding numbers and going down the line each day! And if you remove the stocking everyday it will give the kids a visual as to how many days are left...So Cute! I may do this one next year. Note to self: start looking at Dollar Store for cheap, cute socks! If you haven't started one this year, you could still do this with a "Twelve days of Christmas" theme.

And last but not least, the kids gingerbread house.

They had a blast...eating and decorating.

Emma -more of the decorating

Maddox-more of the eating

See? He even has his bowl still beside him...and it's empty!

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Jess said...

I think your homemade advent calendar is cute. I like the little stocking idea too.

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